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The culture of entreprenuership in India dates back to 1st century AD when the Kanishka Empire started nurturing it. It’s that old. India in the last decade has witnessed a new breed of entrepreneurs who have taken this space by storm and have changed & challenged the landscape to write unprecendented success stories and instill hope & inspiration in aspiring entrepreneurs.

As glamarous as it may sound, but the fact is - entrepreneurship is a tough road to travel. The idea of “SeedUp” found its inspiration when few like minded friends realised this and came together to ease & simplify the journey of early stage entrepreneurs.

SeedUpstarted with the simple idea that doing business in India can be made much simpler, using technology as a driver. To achieve our mission, we are using technology to build a DigitalBusiness Services platform with a wide range of business services- which will offer seamless automation to provide best class delivery with significant cost & time savings. By simplifying the process of starting & growing a business, we hope to encourageentrepreneurship and help entrepreneursfocus more on their business effectively.

Seedup Process

First meeting

You present your business and company.

Overview & Timeline

Together we determine a clear timeline and strategy.

Operational set-up

We prepare the execution checklist

Support & Advice

We manage your corporate administrative formalities with our innovative platform.


As the name suggest, we are set out to associate with the aspiring entrepreneurs& businesses at stage one (aka seed stage). At this stage, they need idea, entity and capital to kick-start and thereafter proper handholdingto take care of regulatory, legal and statutorycompliances, as it evolves.

We are a digital technology-driven platform, offering services that cover the business lifecycle needs of startups and early stage businesses. Our broad business service categories include:

  • Incorporations
  • Business Registrations
  • IP & Trademarks
  • Accounts & Audit
  • Fund Raising
  • Tax Compliances
  • Legal Services
  • IT Services

SeedUp is setting up a cloud hosted,business services platform with an objective to help entrepreneurs to start and then grow their business, at an affordable cost.We aspire to help the entrepreneursto meettheirend to end requirements and be a partner throughout their business journey, offering support at every stage to ensure the business remains compliant and continually growing.Our aim is to provide single-click access to entrepreneurs for all their business needs.

SeedUp partners with a network of experienced Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, Lawyers, Cost Accountants, Investment Bankers, Ex-Bankers and Financial Experts across India to provide a comprehensive range of services for small and medium sized enterprises.