We are SeedUp

SeedUp is a cloud based online platform for business and compliance services. We intend to offer quality services through expert consultation at affordable prices to help entrepreneurs start, run and grow their business. We aspire to associate with entrepreneurs on the business services requirements, and travel the journey as a partner throughout the business life cycle, offering advice, services and support at every stage to ensure the business remains compliant and continually growing.

Leading Company for Business Compliance and Regulatory Matters

Looking to start a business and start a company or any other business structure, that helps you in establishing your skills into a full fledged business. SeedUp is a cloud based online platform that help your business on compliance regulatory matters.

While starting a business, it is important to select a proper business structure with a vision to scale it with time. Seedup assist in creation of business structure or entity, be it a proprietorship, partnership, Limited liability Partnership (LLP), private limited company or Public limited company.

In case, the business is already running and need restructuring of entity for further further scaling up, Seedup assist in conversion of company from proprietorship or partnership to LLP, Private Limited or Public Limited company.

Seedup assist in obtaining various licenses and registration like GST, Shop & Establishment Registration, Professional Tax Registration, Import, Export Code, ESI registration, PPF registration, ISO registration, MSME/SSI Registration, etc.

We not only helping in incorporation of business structures but also in annual compliance like annual filings, income tax filings, adding or removing of director, change of registered office address, increasing authorized capital, etc.

It is important to protect your brand and trademark from copycats and for this Seedup assist in registration of trademarks, Objection on trademarks, renewals or Trademarks, etc

Seedup also assist in obtaining Online Patent Registration, Copyright Registration, Design Registration , which helps in protection from competitors copying your processes, products or offerings.

Seedup also helps in legal services like Shareholder agreement drafting, drafting of board resolutions, partnership deed, founders agreement and other such legal matters associated with business structuring and compliance.

Seedup also assist in creation of contracts like employment contracts, Consultancy contracts, Freelancer contracts, Website policies like Terms of Service and Privacy policy, disclaimer, Joint venture agreement, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Non Disclosure Agreement.