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Business Ideas for Indian Housewives


Indian Women are considered one of the most resilient in the World. From domestic chores, to bringing up children to being world class entrepreneurs, Indian Women can do it all. Our History is full of examples of Indian women making it big in spite of all kinds of adverse situations, Rani Laxmibai to Ahilya Bai Holkar are prime example of Indian Women shining in spite of all oppositions.

In today’s world also – Indian women are working hand in hand with men, all around the country. They not only handle the household perfectly, but also contribute handsomely towards the finances by not only saving but also by earnings.

The advent of Digital World, and post Covid19 scenario has opened a new world for Indian Housewives to prove their mettle in the Business World. Today they have the capability, resources, and the necessary opportunity to leave their mark in the Professional World. From Rural to Urban, the time has come for the Indian Housewife to leave their mark. Here are some Career / Business options for Indian Housewives (work they can do at their own free will and with flexibility):


1.       Online Reselling:

Indian housewives can start an Online business by becoming resellers. They can source products from Manufacturers or retailers, and then resale them online through platforms like Amazon or Flipkart or more Boutique platforms like Myntra or Nykaa

2.       Catering Services:

Who can be better than Indian housewives in cooking? None. Demand for catered home-made food has increased Multiple times with the advent of nuclear families. So this is a big opportunity for Indian Housewives to start their own home made cartering services. Remember to take an FSSAI license to do this, this shall ensure that you stand out from all other non-licensed vendors.

3.       Homemade snacks and sweets:

Do not want to do a full-fledged catering service? Not an issue – you can still run your own home-made snacks and sweets business. Sell it through your house, deliver it locally or if you have a speciality – even sell it outside the station. Remember to protect your Intellectual Property, register your Brand.

4.       Tuition or Coaching:

Time for you to beat the boys again, you were best in Humanities or Maths or Science, take out the old books, brush a little and start tutoring. Remember teaching is also a noble profession. Spread the learning.

5.       Skills Training:

Indian housewives are beehive of talents, some are painter, some are dancers many know skills in crafts and there are so many other skills and talents that they have and can in turn teach to others.

6.       Online Teaching:

If you don’t have enough space in your home or you are struggling to find students in your locality, you can always teach online. Not just school subjects, you can teach different skills, painting, cooking, dancing, anything.

7.       Yoga & Fitness Instructor:

There’s huge demand for Yoga teacher & fitness instructor across the country. So many housewives have tremendous talent, and can become yoga teachers. Take out your mat, and start training.

8.       Freelance Content Writing:

You always wanted to write a book, you lacked the time and focus. But you can start now by taking a small step – write content for web sites and web pages and all digital content. Get paid handsomely per word. If you can write well, nothing better than this.

9.       Digital Marketing Services:

Housewives can learn Digital Marketing skills and then offer services like Social Media management – Facebook, Instagram and Linked in, or SEO advisory, and even email newsletter marketing. They can add on to this skill by learning basics of Data management and implementing basic analytical tools through Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel.

10.   Affiliate Marketing: 

Housewives can create their own social media presence by presenting unique Videos. Videos and Content on Cookery, Painting and other skills are always high on demand. As their followership increases, they can add on by getting into affiliate marketing activity, which is a big money earner today.

11.   Virtual Assistance:

Housewives can get associated with larger companies and provide service to their clients / associates / partners by becoming virtual assistant. Answering queries through chatbots, replying to mails, and taking calls can easily be managed with flexible working hours from comfort of home.

12.   Consulting Services:

Housewives can build on their specific skills and offer consulting services to various Businesses – SMEs are always looking for advise and consulting, and by offering them consulting at economical costs, housewives can leverage their expertise.

13.   Interior Design Consulting:

Housewives manage their homes beautifully, all the while doing this – they become expert in Interior designing also. They have a very insightful understanding of what is required in a home – no one knows functionality better than them. Women typically have better aesthetic sense also – that combined with functionality is a lethal weapon for interior designing experts. Before you get into Interior designing, its best to create an Entity, and if you are starting alone, it is best to create a Sole Proprietorship firm for doing this.

14.   Beauty and Wellness Services:

So many housewives run their own beauty and wellness services, right out of their homes. This will specially do well in semi urban / rural settings, as there is a lack of quality beauty service providers in those areas.

15.   Fashion Designing / Boutique: 

Yes, it is possible to operate a small boutique from your home. Work only with confirmed orders, which shall ensure less Capital and better returns. Anyone with good fashion senses, and an adventurous spirit – can go for this line.

16.   Handmade Crafts and Products:

Indiais a country with variety of culture, tradition, art and forms. Every state, and even regions within the state have their own form of art and culture. Housewives have all grown admiring these crafts and even making them with their own hands. Anything handmade today is considered precious. Consumers are willing to pay more for handmade products – whether it be made with clay, or wood or different material or even textile. So for housewives it is a big opportunity – if they are skilled in making crafts, jewellery, or any homemade product – they can easily sell it on online platforms. It is best to take a proper GST Certificate for doing business in Online platforms.

17.   Handloom Business:

If you are a housewife, and you have access to handloom products and its artisans in nearby areas – you can source it from artisans and sell it to a wider audience.

18.   Personal Shopping & Styling:

If you are a housewife, with a keen sense in fashion and have a good sense of where shopping can be done in your city – a Personal Shopping & Styling business is right for you. Help people with their personal shopping and provide styling services. You can have differential pricing – a costlier version for physically taking them out for shopping and a more economical choice by virtually helping your clients.

19.   Wedding Boutique:

Indian wedding are not simple occasions but more like a festival, with multiple events lasting for days and weeks and sometimes even months. Every occasion requires planning and execution and requires decorations for every little thing. Housewives who have good aesthetic sense, can supply stuff like Sweet Boxes, Envelope Covers, Garlands, Decorative Pieces etc for such weddings. Gifts exchanged also need to be packed properly – housewives can do these with perfection.

20.   Event planning and Management:

From childhood days we have seen – ladies of the house got together and planned events. Somewhere down the line – they were replaced with agencies and event planners. Though these planners do bring in an element of professionalism, they fail in bringing the personal homely touch. Indian housewives can do that. Even management - from Birthdays, to Engagements and even Weddings can be handled by them easily. Corporates looking for personal touch will also be at ease hiring housewives for such jobs. Remember Event planning and management is amore complex task and one must open a proper LLP or Private Limited Company to get into this.

These are some of the choices we have mentioned. In today’s modern world – one can explore infinite possibilities. A housewife is full of talents, she manages her home at the lowest possible cost all the while ensuring quality products and services at her house. A business is just an extension of that principle and who better than housewives to create value for the World at large. 


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