Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) Registration

A Digital Signature Certificate which is commonly known as DSC is a secure cryptographic key which is used by certifying authority to verify and validate the authenticity and integrity of the digital information shared across the communication channels. In the regular world DSCs are used in businesses to digitally sign the documents online, file returns of incomes or GST validating its authenticity and other information and documents in which the DSC is attached ensures that the content of such documents is not tempered with or modified in any form. Thus, DSC provides a secure way to confirm the identity of the sender of the documents and its authenticity.

Importance of Digital Signature Certificate (DSC)

In our country Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) plays a very important role across different sectors. DSC plays an important part in e-governance by authenticating the identity of the individuals or entities who engage in online transactions with the different forms of government entities. In recent years the Income tax department has made it mandatory to file the returns online by authenticating the return using the Digital Signature Certificate which ensures the security and integrity of the financial data uploaded in the Income Tax website.

Recently after the launch of MCA V3 portal the MCA has compulsorily mandated that all the directors, key managerial person and even the subscribers to the memorandum of the company is required to associate their DSC with the portal to streamline secure process of company registration e-form filings etc. In the legal world the firms and individuals are highly dependent on the DSC to digitally sign the contracts, agreements and other legal documents which ensures the authenticity of such documents.

In the banking and other financial institution realm the DSCs are used for secure online transactions which maintains the confidentiality and integrity of sensitive financial information. In the real estate sector, the DSCs are used for secure online property transactions and registrations.

Certifying Authorities (CA)

In our country there are various Certifying Authorities (CA) who can issue a DSC to the applicant under the Indian IT Act 2000 these are:

  • National Informatics Centre (NIC)
  • IDRBT Certifying Authority
  • SafeScrypt CA Services
  • Code Solutions CA
  • CDAC
  • NSDL
  • Capricorn
  • Pantasign
  • Verasys
  • XtraTrust
  • Care4Sign
  • SignX
  • ProDigiSign

What are classes in DSC?

  • Class 1 – These types of DSCs are issued to private individuals which confirms their name and email ID.
  • Class 2 – These types of certificates are issued to private user as well as business users with mid level security. Usually used to file forms and returns.
  • Class 3 – This is the highest class which provides maximum level of security and are mostly used to sign confidential data and documents.

What are the documents/ information required to obtain a digital Signature Certificate?

  • Identity Proof
  • Address Proof
  • Passport Size Photo
  • Duly filled DSC application
  • Personal Email ID
  • Personal Mobile No.

Application Done. What to do next?

Once the application to the Certifying authority is done a link for email and video verification is generated. The applicant has to verify his/her email by entering the OTP and submit the Video showing their ID card for the video verification process. Once the application is approved the DSC is obtained and is ready to download.

What is the most commonly used Digital Signature Certificate?

Since Class 3 DSC is the most secure certificate containing both a signature and an encryption certificate. SeedUp Advisors can help you in getting the Class 3 DSC with encryption certificate securely encoded in a USB token.

What is the difference between an encryption certificate and a signature certificate?

A signature certificate is used to sign documents whereas an encryption certificate is used to encrypt the data.

Seedup Advisors can help any individual in obtaining a Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate along with the USB token. Class 3 DSCs can be issued to companies/ organizations too.

Can we renew DSC after its expiry?

No, once the Digital Signature Certificate gets expired after its tenure a fresh application has to be made for a new DSC with fresh identification documents and if there are any changes in the particulars of the applicant it has to be updated in the fresh application and has to be submitted alongwith fresh Video verification.

Hence in conclusion we can say that as the technology has advanced, we are done away with the pen and paper signing. All the documents have shifted to electronic medium and hence signing and keeping the documents safe from tampering was the need of the hour. Hence Digital Signature Certificate is introduced as an important tool to sign and secure the documents and keep those documents from tampering and unauthorized access. Presently DSCs are not just a tool for signing of documents it is now being used to file income tax returns, sign e contracts, file e forms with MCA, fill and apply for e tenders, Goods and Services Tax filings authenticating financial data and various other fields. Hence it is recommended to apply for DSC with the registered Certifying Authority to get a genuine DSC token. 


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