DPIIT Registration Certificate for recognition of Startup India in Pune, Maharashtra

The write-up below will focus on the information about DPIIT Registration Certificate for Recognition of Startups issue by DPIIT in Pune, Maharashtra (full form of DPIIT is Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade). Previously, the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP) got renamed as the Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT) with an aim to focus on issues related to developing start-ups and facilitating ease of doing business. The articles with cover the benefits of Registration with DPIIT in Pune, Maharashtra, income tax rules, time, criteria and documents required for DPIIT certificate in India.

Over the last decade, Startups have gained popularity in Pune, Maharashtra. From college students to employees quitting their jobs, a dynamic crowd of people have come forward to start their own startup. Startups have created ample employment opportunities in the last decade in Pune, Maharashtra.

What is a Startup? A startup is a small sized business started in Pune, Maharashtra with an objective to solve a problem with a particular service or goods. LLPs, small firms are also Startups as they are funded by an individual or promoters.

Startup India in Pune, Maharashtra- A Government Initiative to promote new businesses

Startup India Scheme, is an GoI initiative that was launched by Prime Minister Shri. Narendra Modi on 16th January 2016, to promote new business leading to employment generation and inclusive growth. The basic aim of this Scheme i.e. Startup India remains the development of business and promotion of innovative ideas in Pune, Maharashtra.

According to Startup India, a startup is defined as those businesses that have been newly formed or have been in existence for 10 years or less. The years of operation matter when it comes to getting registered and recognised as a startup. In the case of biotechnology firms, the limit is 10 years while for all other industries it is 7 years.

DPIIT registration certificate for recognition as Startup in Pune, Maharashtra India

The Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade under the initiative of Startup India by the Government of India helps the Startups get benefits of self certification and compliance under the 9 environmental & labour laws. The Startups recognised by DIPP can also avail benefits related to the Intellectual Property Rights such as the IPR fast track, etc without obtaining any other license from the Inter Ministerial Board. Furthermore, the firm can also wind up the company if they wish to be under 90 days under the Insolvency & Bankruptcy Code 2016. However, there are many other benefits of getting recognised as a Startup under DPIIT which is discussed in this article, along with the procedure and eligibility criteria as well.

Pune is the business as well as financial capital of the India and one of the major cities and state capital of Maharashtra. Pune houses the headquarters or registered offices of various major corporate and financial institutions. Pune is also the epicenter for some of the important industries like film industry and capital markets. Being the financial capital, it also hosts head quarters for various Banks, stock exchanges and other financial power houses. To further attract industries to the Pune or other parts of Maharashtra, the state government established Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation (MIDC). Pune has port like JNPT (Jawahar Lal Nehru Port Trust) and Pune port that facilitates the import and export very easily from the surrounding areas like Bhiwandi, Taloja, Navi Pune, Thane, etc. Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust (JNPT) is one of the largest container port in India with connection to 34 Container Freight Stations (CFS) along with 46 Inland Container Depots (ICD).

Few of the major industries in the state of Maharashtra are textiles, petro chemicals, automobile or auto components, mechanical and machinery, chemicals, electrical and white goods, transport, mining and metallurgy. Maharashtra is the hub for manufacturing of automobiles and auto components. Maharashtra is the 3rd largest state in India with coastline of 720 km along with 55 amll or large sized ports. These ports enables more than 20% of the total cargo transport in India. Maharashtra has a good presence of industrial clusters, especially automobile, IT & ITeS, chemicals, textiles and food processing clusters and offers lucrative investment opportunities in these sectors. Maharashtra’s Gross State Domestic Product (GSDP) for 2019-20 is expected to be $411.23 bn.

Maharashtra has ranked #1 in Export Preparedness Index in 2020. Moreover, the state has attracted over $7.2 Bn of Foreign Direct Investments during Oct’19-Mar’20.As per the latest report by World Bank, Maharashtra state ranked at 13th out of 36 states in terms of ease of doing business ranking. Pune is a leading city for business to start not only in Maharashtra but in the India as well.

Advantages for DPIIT registration certificate for recognition as Startup in Pune, Maharashtra India

Startups, in Pune, Maharashtra, can avail the following benefits once they have obtained the DPIIT Certificate of Recognition for Startups.

  1. Self Certification – Once you have obtained the DPIIT Certificate of Recognition for Startups, your firm can be allowed to self certify compliance under 6 Labour Laws and 3 Environmental Laws.
  2. Tax Exemption – Startups recognised under DPIIT are eligible for a bunch of tax exemptions. Upon receiving the Certificate of Recognition, any startup can apply for the Tax Exemption under Section 80 IAC of the Income Tax Act. Additionally, the recognised Startups can also apply for the Angel Tax Exemption. Once the clearance for Tax exemption is obtained, the DPIIT recognised Startups are exempted from Income Tax for 3 consecutive fiscal years anytime in its first ten years of operation since formation.
  3. Startup Patent Application – The Startups recognised under the DPIIT have to pay only 80% of the fees on Patents, copyrights, designs, trademark. Additionally fast tracking of patent applic is also available for DPIIT recognised Startups.
  4. Smooth Public Procurement Norms – The Startups recognised under the DPIIT will get the opportunity to list their products on the Government e marketplace. These Startups are also exempted from submitting Earnest Money Deposit. The DPIIT Startups also get exemptions from any prior experience or turnover in all Central Government Ministries and Departments.
  5. Credit Guarantee Fund – The Startups recognised under the DPIIT are eligible to avail Rs 2000 crore Credit Guarantee Fund through the National Credit Guarantee Trust Company or SIDBI over a span of 4 years.
  6. Funds of Funds – The Startups recognised under the DPIIT are eligible for getting ads 10000 crore funds of funds from the Alternative Investment Funds.
  7. Easy Winding Up – A startup that is recognised under the DPIIT can be wound up in less than 90 days of applying for insolvency, as per the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code of 2016.

Eligibility Criteria for DPIIT registration certificate for recognition as Startup in Pune, Maharashtra, India

  1. Existence Period of the Entity – The firm or entity cannot be older than ten years counting from the date of incorporation.
  2. Type of the Entity – The DPIIT Certificate of Recognition is only provided you the company which is incorporated as a Private Limited Company, a Registered Partnership Firm or a Limited Liability Partnership.
  3. Original Entity – In order to avail the DPIIT Certificate of Recogn, the firm could not have been incorporated by splitting up or recreating an already existing firm or entity
  4. Annual Turnover Limit – In order to be eligible to get the DPIIT Certificate of Recognition, the firm has to have an annual turnover of Rs 100 crore for any of the fiscal years since its federation.
  5. Innovative Entity – In order to get recognised as a startup under the DPIIT, the firm or entity has to be working towards the improvement or development of a product or service or process.
  6. Scalable Entity – To get recognised as a startup under the DPIIT, the firm or entity’s has to have a scalable business model with a high potential for wealth creation and employment generation.

How to Apply for DPIIT registration Certificate for recognition of Startups Online in Pune, Maharashtra?

Any startup in Pune, Maharashtra can apply for DPIIT registration certificate online by visiting the link https://services.dipp.gov.in/lms/registration and follow the process given. The registration process on the website has 3 steps

  • Submit Online Form
  • Select Username
  • Verify email ID and mobile no

Procedure for DPIIT registration certificate for recognition as Startup in Pune, Maharashtra, India

Business Incorporation – The very first step is to get the entity or firm registered in any form be it a Limited Liability Partnership or a Private Limited Company in Pune, Maharashtra.

Application Filing – The next step is to file the application with Startup India by filling out an online form with the required details and submit the required documents. You have to include the following the application:

Details of the entity such as nature of entity, industry, sector, categories, full address of the entity, registration date and incorporation number. Details of Authorised Representative, directors and partner, intellectual property rights and funding.

Upload Documents – The third step is to properly upload all the documents required for filing the application, any award received by the firm, a questionnaire, and the incorporation certificate of the firm.

Self Certify the Documents – The next step is to ensure that you certify all the related details as well as documents before you file for the recognition under DPIIT.

Obtaining Recognition Number – Once all the required documents are submitted and the application is examined, the DPIIT certificate of recognition for Startups. Once the entities are registered, they’re allowed to use the DPIIT G2B portal to file the online applications and anyone can also raise questions related to their business, or pitch something, file the application for their licences and keep a track on the filed applications history and licenses obtained previously.

List of Documents Required for DPIIT registration certificate for recognition as Startup in Pune, Maharashtra, India

The following documents are what you will need to get your startup recognised in Pune, Maharashtra with a DPIIT Certificate of Recognition:

  • Certificate of Registration and Incorporation of the entity or firm.
  • The Proof of Funding in case the startup received any funding in the past is needed to furnish for DPIIT Certificate of Recognition for Startups.
  • Documents of the patent published by the entity. This means that the patent has to be published in the patent journals.
  • Document of the awards as well as recognition received and won by the entity.
  • A brief description of the nature of the business containing details of how the startup is working to bring innovation, the development of products and services and the scalability of the startup in terms of wealth and employment generation.

Proof Document for Funds

  • A support letter from the authorities of either the Central government or state government in Pune, Maharashtra or any other incubator recognised by the Government of India has to be submitted.
  • The document for finding cannot be less than 20% in equity by the angel funds or incubation funds.

Fees for the Application for DPIIT registration certificate for recognition as Startup in Pune, Maharashtra, India

The firms do not have to pay any kind of fee to the Ministry of Commerce and Industry for obtaining the DPIIT Certificate of Recognition for Startups. The whole procedure does not involve the payment of any fee to the Government authorities.

Penalty for Forged Documents

In case of forging of documents that are uploaded by the entity with the application, the applicant is liable to pay a penalty of 50% of the paid up capital of the startup with an amount of Rs 25,000.

Getting recognised under DPIIT is good for the reputation of the startup. But that’s not all. You have read in the article that a DPIIT Certificate gives you access to tax benefits and easier compliance and several other benefits and greater ease of doing business. The procedure is simple and we can assist you all throughout it and help you obtain a DPIIT Certificate of Recognition for Startups.

How a DPIIT registration certificate for recognition as Startup in Pune, Maharashtra, India

The certificate of recognition of Startup in India will looklike as below

How to download the DPIIT registration certificate for recognition as Startup in Pune, Maharashtra, India

The DPIIT registration certificate for recognition as Startup in India issued by DPIIT may be downloaded from the website www.startupindia.go.in

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