EPFO Registration in India

All companies are supposed to offer their employees the EPF, which stands for Employees Provident Fund. The Employees Provident Fund is nothing but a social security scheme that facilitates for the employees to have a small portion of their salary for benefits in the future. Most people from the service class depend on the Provident Fund as their retirement fund.

The EPF comes under the umbrella of the Employees’ Provident Funds and Miscellaneous Provisions Act of 1952. Any organisation with a total employee strength of 20 has to mandatorily register for EPF. With us, your company can register for EPF in 3 simple steps:

  1. Consultation with us and filling of forms.
  2. Assignment of an affiliate for data validation and assistance.
  3. Reception of PF number.

Eligibility Criteria for Indian Employers to register for EPF Registration

  • Factory with a total employee strength of 20 or more employees.
  • Establishment that has employed more than 20 workers. The class of such firms is defined by the Central Government.
  • Establishment that has less than 20 workers and yet has been notified to get compulsory registration for not less than 2months of time.

Please note that it is the responsibility of the company to deduct as well as contribute the sum for EPF. And every employee is entitled to EPF in an eligible company.

Benefits of Online EPFO Registration

Pension Coverage – The EPS fund has an equal amount of contribution from the employee as well as the employer. This works as a pension fund.

Risk Coverage – Provident Fund comes to the rescue of the dependents or family members of the employee in case of unprecedented illness, retirement, or demise.

Common EPF Account – You can transfer your PF account when you switch jobs as the Universal Account Number (UAN) which is linked to the Aadhar card facilitates the linking of the PF accounts. This single account gives a better rate of return because of higher compounding.

Works as Emergency Fund – EPF funds can be claimed for usage through an online process in case of any personal emergency.

Extended Goals facilitator – If you have investment plans planned for after retirement, the PF fund can facilitate it, be it buying property or investing in child’s higher studies.

Employee Deposit Linked with Insurance – All employees with a PF account can avail the benefits of getting insured with only 0.5% of the salary to be deducted as a premium.

Checking EPF balance amount – With a missed call to 011-22901406 from the registered number, the UAN registered members can get details of their PF balance which is available at the Employee Provident fund Organisation (EPFO). Activated members of the UAN can alsi check their previous balance and PF contribution by sending sms from the registered mobile number to 7738299899.

Procedure for Online Registration of EPF for Employers

  • Collection of all the relevant employee data as well as documents.
  • Establishment registered with EPFO.
  • Submit the Digital Signature Certificate of the employer.
  • Fill out the application for registration with all employer details.
  • Submit the form after verification is over.
  • Obtain the PF Registration Certificate & Universal Account Number (UAN)

This is how we will make it easier for you:

Our team of experienced professionals will provide you with a free consultation and explain the process to you. They will work for you and get the PF number in up to 10 working days, excluding the government processing time.

The members have to activate their UAN status for accessing all direct and online facilities related to EPF.

Documents required for EPFO Registration of the employer

  • Company’s PAN Card
  • Rent Agreement/ water bill/electricity bill of the place of business.
  • Certificate of Incorporation of the company.
  • Cross cancelled cheque from the company
  • Digital signatures of the authorized applicant.
  • Specimen signatures of the directors and other authorized signatories.
  • Consent form of the majority of employees in case of voluntary registration.

In some cases, the following additional documents may be required:

  • First sale bill
  • GST Registration Certificate
  • First bill of purchase of raw material and machinery.
  • Details of your banker
  • Monthly employee strength record
  • Salary Register

All you have to do is accumulate all the necessary documents and submit it to us. It is our job to arrange them and use them whenever necessary and make the process as hassle free as it can get for you.

Recent Updates in Policies:

  • Employee Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) launched a whatsapp helpline service starting 14th October, 2020. This has generated quicker responses to queries and issues.
  • EPFo, ESIC registrations are to be done at the Ministry of Corporate Affairs portal.
  • EPS Pensioners can now submit their life certificate whenever they want throughout the year starting 13th May, 2020.

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