ISI Registration Process in Chandigarh, Punjab


Chandigarh is always benchmarked as one of the best-planned cities in India. With very good social infrastructure along with large green spaces attracts many to make it their home city or working destination. Chandigarh, capital of two states Punjab and Haryana, is considered among the best cities of the world. Chandigarh international airport connects it well with other parts of country. Chandigarh alone house more than 56000 MSME units majorly in the field of manufacturing tractor components. Other industries based out Chandigarh includes IT and ITeS, electronics, pharmaceuticals, plastics, machine tools. To serve the requirements of IT industry, a SEZ namely Rajiv Gandhi Chandigarh Technology Park (RGCTP)has been developed. Also, plans are there to setup terminal market for fruits and vegetables to support crop diversification program in Punjab and Haryana.

Punjab is among the most prosperous state of India with excellent road and rail network. Punjab has five airports with terminal for passengers, five container freight stations (CFSs) and four inland container depots (ICDs). Punjab is bordering state with Jammu and Kashmir, Haryana and Rajasthan surrounding it on other sides. With total of 4.2 million hectares of cultivable area, it constitutes more than 3% of net area sown. However with highly fertile land, it produces more than 18% of wheat, of rice, 20% of honey, 10% of milk, 48% of mushroom along with 5% of cotton of the country.

With very production of wheat, it is just next to Canada and Australia in terms of marketable surplus. In Rice production it is next only to Thailand. Major industries in Punjab include food processing, tractors and auto components, agro-based parts, bicycle and bicycle parts, sports goods, light engineering goods, metal and alloys, chemical products and textiles. The state has also emerged as a key hub for textile-based industries, including yarn, readymade garments and hosiery. The clusters around food and dairy products are the other major sectors of the state.

Not only this, as per the latest report by World Bank, Punjab ranked 19th out of 36 states in terms of ease of doing business.

Chandigarh, Punjab is one the biggest producers as well as market for consumption of various goods and services. As, there is cut-throat competition in Chandigarh, Punjab among businesses for gaining consumer attention as well as for their long-term retention. But quality and safety assurance are two most crucial elements for the consumers in Chandigarh, Punjab who spend their hard-earned money on these products for consumption of themselves as well as their loved ones. In such a situation, it becomes necessary for the consumers to use safe and thoroughly tested raw materials, manufacture products through standardized procedures and obtain all necessary approvals and certifications, so as to achieve consumer trust and create brand loyalty among them.

What is ISI registration? Who grants it in Chandigarh, Punjab?

One of such important legal certifications is the Indian Standards Institution or the ISI, which is an industrial license that is used for the purpose of product certification after properly ascertaining whether the concerned product complies with the standards laid down by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) with regard to production of concerned goods and is also responsible for issue of “Grant of License” for ISI certification. The authority in Chandigarh, Punjab grants the licence based on successful assessment of the manufacturing infrastructure, production process, quality control, and testing capabilities of a manufacturer through inspections to its manufacturing premises and testing of products through a third-party laboratory or sometimes both. Once the license is received, the manufacturer can sell his products on the basis of self-certification while also printing the seven-ten-digit unique ISI identification number along with a IS number which ensures that the goods being manufactured pass through adequate testing procedures and are safe to be used or consumed.

It further indicates that the goods so manufactured qualify the standards laid down by ISI, which naturally increases consumer’s confidence in the product and helps to earn greater revenues for the business. Whereas, any business entity selling applicable goods without the ISI mark could be penalized and prosecuted, along with the goods removed from the market.

The Government of Chandigarh, Punjab along with the Bureau of Indian Standards have made it mandatory to obtain ISI registration and the certification should be used only after the license has been successfully granted from the BIS. The ISI mark as a certification of safety and quality for goods such as Household goods, Cement products, food products, Electrical goods, tires, Steep products, Kitchen appliances, medical equipment’s like X-rays & clinical thermometers etc. and many more require ISI certification to be sold in Chandigarh, Punjab.

ISI Registration Process in Chandigarh, PunjabWhat are the advantages of obtaining ISI Mark Certification in Chandigarh, Punjab?

The benefits linked with the ISI mark certification for a business are manifold and have been provided point-wise below-

  • A complete assurance of uncompromised standards-

The ISI certification is a holistic certification based on manufacturing infrastructure, production process, quality control, and testing capabilities of the producer producing goods and to self-certify of its safety and quality. Further, manufacturers and business entities holding an ISI certification are obligated by law to follow the established standards and could be inspected at any time through surprise inspections by authorities in the factory premises. Thus, the BIS has a strong hold on the working and regulation of established standards through monitoring and guidance to licenses manufacturers.

  • Authenticity of Products

It is imperative for a business in Chandigarh, Punjab to win the customer’s confidence in the relevant market and not only that, but also to retain their trust for earning better revenues in the long run as well as holding a successful growth. Where the goods or products are not genuine or lack authenticity, it is difficult for them to retain customers as there may be health or quality related concerns. Whereas, there is lesser probability for customers to be concerned about the authenticity of the products as it assures them of uncompromised quality as well as high performance. Further, the BIS authority has a quick procedure for complaint redressed for any customer grievances received in pursuance of any product bearing ISI mark.

  • Environment- Friendly Products

The BIS authority ensures that the products receiving ISI certification are environment safe i.e. do little or no harm to the environment during the process of products on in the factory premises. Further, some products have been expressly been prohibited to be used for production purposes and others are followed as per the prescribed standards, thereby ensuring quality and safety along with protection of the environment.

  • Better Revenues and Losses

Products holding ISI certification enjoy customer retention and brand loyalty in the long run, which means lesser losses and greater revenues for the business.

  • Easier to Recognize

The ISI certification mark has been in existence since the year 1955, and comes with the unique identification digit number of its own, making it easier to identify and distinguish from the non-certified products.Online Process of ISI mark registration in Chandigarh, Punjab

Online Process of ISI mark registration in Chandigarh, Punjab-

As provided above, any business entity in Chandigarh, Punjab manufacturing goods that have been covered under ISI certification requirement must obtain ISI certification as per the applicable rules and regulations. Thus, for obtaining ISI registration certificate, a goods manufacturing business entity must follow the following steps-

Step 1- Selection of the product code

As the first step towards the ISI registration, the applicant shall be required to select the appropriate product code for the manufacture of product/s in which the entity proposes to manufacture as per the standard prescribed under the ISI regulations.

Step 2- Fill and Submit the ISI registration application-

On careful selection of the product code, the applicant shall be required to fill details the ISI certification registration form in the prescribed form V along with all the required attachments along with the application form. Once all the details have been completed, the applicant shall be required to make application fee payments for the application as well as the inspection to be carries out by the authority to the factory premises of the manufacturer and submit the application.

Step 3- Inspection of the Factory Premise in Chandigarh, Punjab

Once the application is submitted successfully, the BIS authority will cause the factory premises of the manufacturer to be inspected by making a visit to assess the safety & quality control parameters of the manufacturing processes in the unit. After which, the inspection team will collect certain samples and will undertake testing of the same in a third-party laboratory that is approve by the BIS.

Step 4- Collection of the Test Report

After the samples have been tested in a third-party BIS approved laboratory, the inspection authority shall collect the test report from such lab and submit the report to the BIS authority.

Step 5- Issuance of ISI Registration Certificate

The BIS authority will thoroughly observe the application, inspection as well as the lab testing report of the applicant manufacturing entity. On being satisfied of the fact that the products being manufactured are being so manufactured as per the ISI standards, the BIS authority may grant ISI registration certificate with a unique identification number.

Time Involved in getting ISI Registration Certificate in Chandigarh, Punjab

Usually, it takes anywhere between 15-20 days to receive the ISI registration certificate from the date of submission of the application.

Documents Required for ISI Mark Registration in Chandigarh, Punjab

Following is the list of the documents required to be attached with the application for obtaining ISI registration certificate-

  • Certificate of incorporation or registration of the manufacturing entity;
  • Copy of receipt of property tax of the factory premises.
  • Details of the insurance policy of the manufacturing entity
  • Rent/Lease Agreement Copy, where the business premises have been rented or taken on lease
  • Copy of utility bills like telephone bill, Electricity bills etc.
  • Previous Bank statement copies
  • Copy of Aadhaar of all the officers of the business entity (directors/partners etc.)
  • Copy of test report received from a third-party lab
  • List of the machineries held by the manufacturing entity
  • Calibration certificate of the testing equipment’s installed by the entity.

Grounds for Rejection of the Application in Chandigarh, Punjab

However, the BIS authority may reject the application due to any one or more reasons listed below-

  • where the manufacturing authority fails to submit product samples for testing procedure;
  • Where the product samples are found to dissatisfy the applicable ISI standards on testing;
  • Where there is lack of equipment’s or necessary facilities for product testing procedures;
  • Where there is lack of technical personnel or staff in the manufacturing entity;
  • If the manufacturing entity has failed to clear payments required to be made to the BIS authority.
  • Where the firm has failed to submit proper or complete documents to the BIS;
  • Where the manufacturing entity is found to be indulged in any unethical practices;
  • Where the business entity is found to be deviating from the self-declaration made with respect to manufacturing goods.
  • Where the manufacturing entity fails to provide reasonable assistance to the inspection team during the inspection process;
  • Where the product samples fail to adhere to the ISI standards during sample testing in pursuance to any surprise inspection by the BIS authority.

But, the BIS authority shall give an opportunity of being heard to the applicant manufacturing entity before finally rejecting application for the purpose of registration with at least 21 days prior notice. After hearing the reply of the party, it may either accept or reject the application on sufficient reasons for deciding the same.

Validity of the Certificate & Renewal in Chandigarh, Punjab.

Once approved and issued, the ISI certificate is valid for a total period of one year from the date of issue of the certificate in Chandigarh, Punjab. After the expiry of the validity period, it could be renewed by the manufacturing entity by making application in the prescribed form along with the payment of renewal fee that will be required to be signed and verified by a Practicing CA by profession.


Thus, ISI certification is a beneficial certification that offers multiple benefits for the manufacturing business entity as well as the consumers. It is regulated and authorized from the BIS authority which is primarily responsible for grant of ISI license and overseeing their compliance of rules & regulations towards the manufactured goods. The ISI mark is not just a certification, but also an indication of uncompromised adherence to safety & quality standards through standardized testing procedures which reduced rejection of goods of the manufacturer in market saving him from losses and increases customer confidence and further increases the possibilities for a business to grow well and expand sooner in Chandigarh, Punjab. However, it is always advised to undertake the process of application only after knowing everything about the same and if required take assistance of some reliable sources with years of experience and knowledge as well.

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