ISO Registration Process in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh

Technological advancements and globalization have led the businesses to face more competition and constantly improve their products to engage and gain customers in the market in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh. Most generally, consumer trust and loyalty are of crucial importance for a business as it not only helps to keep hold of the existing consumers but also to earn passively more consumers and consequently better sale revenues and a successful business. No doubt, better processes of manufacture of consumer goods and adequate legal certifications are top on the list for that purpose that also includes “the ISO certification”. ISO certification is an internationally recognized system of certification that certifies that the product being manufactured or the legal entity manufacturing the products follows standard practices required to be followed in the industry along with assurance of quality. The ISO certification in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh is not only limited to products and services, but also covers procedures such as management system, manufacturing process, or documentation procedures etc. satisfy all the requirements of a standardized system.

Geographically Uttar Pradesh (U.P.) is the fourth largest state but has the largest population in India. As per 2019 the state’s population of 220 Mn is greater than the population of Brazil. Major industrial highway corridors such as North-South-East-West Corridor (NS-EW) and several other expressways and national highways connect the state of U.P. with remotest parts of India. U.P. also has among the most fertile lands since twelve different major rivers pass through it including India’s largest river, the Ganges.

Uttar Pradesh is a very popular tourist destination in India. Taj Mahal in Agra, most sacred Hindu pilgrimage places such as Prayagraj, Mathura and Varanasi along with various Buddhist places such as Kushinagar and Sarnath are also in the state of U.P. Due to all this The state ranked second in terms of domestic and third in terms of foreign tourist arrival in 2017. Mathura has an oil refinery operated by Indian Oil Corporation.

With so many rivers passing through Uttar Pradesh, it has highly fertile land hence its economy is also largely driven by agriculture. Food processing, tourism, information technology (IT), mineral-based industries, textiles, auto components, handicrafts and handlooms, sports goods and leather-based industry, biotechnology are the key industries in Uttar Pradesh. High livestock population of the state has made U.P. one of the leading producer of leather products and exporter of beef.

Uttar Pradesh is largest milk-producer state, second largest producer of hydel electrical power and third largest producer of thermal electrical power in India. Total installed power capacity of Uttar Pradesh is over 25,000 MW. Uttar Pradesh is also the leader in the production of multiple horticulture and food crops such as sugarcane, wheat, mango, potato and mango among others. Gautam Buddha Nagar (Noida), adjoining Delhi and part of Delhi NCR is home to eight operational IT SEZs across India. In the 12th five-year plan (2012-17) Uttar Pradesh saw over 1,43,000 MSMEs and other heavy industrial units set-up their bases. Recently started Smart Cities Mission by the central government of India has identified highest number of cities in Uttar Pradesh.

Not only this, as per the latest report by World Bank, Uttar Pradesh ranked 2nd out of 36 states in terms of ease of doing business. 

But, what is ISO? ISO means the International Organization for Standardization that is formed with the membership of total 163 national standards bodies of various countries and is primarily responsible for laying and setting different standards with the primary objective to introduce and lay down a large variety of proprietary, industrial, and commercial standards for manufacture and procurement of various goods and services with global recognition. Thus, the certification system has the benefit of building credibility as well as consistency among the business stakeholders, managerial committees, business clients as well as consumers in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh.

In Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, ISO certification exists in many areas such as power & energy management, medical products and devices, energy consumption and management etc. For creating a unique identity for each standard, each class of products/services or procedures have been divided into various classes.

  • Who can apply for ISO certification in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh? Who grants it?

As far as the eligibility for the individual or business organization is concerned, there is no particular criteria to be fulfilled for making an application for ISO certification. Any business organization in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh may make an application for ISO certification on the basis of the size and/or the number of employees employed by the business entity, which shall be established on the basis of certain documents required to be submitted at the time of the registration.

Also, it is possible for a business entity to apply for one or more ISO certifications for each business activity in which the entity is involved, that will allow better market recognition and credibility for gaining consumer trust and lesser compliance costs.

As far as the authority which grants the ISO certification is concerned, the ISO is not the appropriate body for making application and doesn’t issue any of them. It is granted by the certification/registration bodies (also known as Registrars or Certification Bodies), which have their separate existence from ISO and are required to be accredited by an (International Accreditation Forum) member to hold internationally recognition. Therefore, it is advised to thoroughly check the accreditation of the Certification Bodies before making an application for ISO.

  • What are the Documents Required for making an application in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh?

Provided below is the comprehensive list of documents required to be attached with the application-

  1. Proof of identification of the applicant or authorized officer of the business organization ;( Aadhaar Card /PAN Etc.)
  2. Scanned Copy of the PAN identity of the business organization;
  3. Passport sized photographs of the applicant or authorized officer of the business organization
  4. Copy of the utility bills of the business organization (i.e. Electricity Bills)
  5. Ownership of the property where the office of the business entity is located (i.e. Sale Deed in case of own property or rent agreement in case of rented property);
  6. Documents for constitution of the business i.e. (MOA & AOA in case of Company, Partnership Deed in case of Partnership Firm, LLP Deed in case of LLP) etc.
  7. Certificate of Incorporation or Registration of the business organization;
  8. Any other document as requested;
  • ISO Registration Process in Kanpur, Uttar PradeshHow to Register an ISO Certificate Online in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh?

The process of obtaining ISO certification in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh is a long comprehensive process that involves multiple steps and the time involved varies for each business organization depending upon the size of the organization. Provided below is the step-by-step process of ISO certification-

  • Selection of the type of certification and Certification Bodies (ISO Registrar)

Before getting into the process of obtaining ISO certification, it is necessary to understand and choose the type of certification that covers the requirement of the product, services or process for which ISO certification is intended to be obtained and to further decide for the certification authority which holds international accreditation. Some of the popular classes of ISO certifications include- ISO 9001:2015 for General Quality management systems, ISO 22301 for continuity of business, ISO 31000 for risk management etc.

  • Drafting of ISO Agreement & Appointment of ISO auditor

In the next step, the applicant shall be required to draft an ISO Agreement that defines the terms and conditions between the ISO applicant and ISO registrar for the issue of certification. The applicant shall be required to appoint an ISO Auditor having knowledge and experience in conducting ISO audits.

The Auditor will undertake a preliminary ISO Audit to check whether the business organization follows all standard rules and procedures. He will require the applicant to submit a list of documents and attachments to be reviewed by him along with the manuals and procedures to be followed by the applicant organization to assess whether there are gaps in the standard processes required to be followed as per ISO standards by the organization and may communicate the same to the applicant business organization with a direction to eliminate the gaps and take appropriate steps within a timeline.

  • Rectifications and Final Audit

After such gaps have been filled by follow of proper ISO standards, the ISO Auditor will observe such changes and will undertake final audit of the organization. If he finds that all the necessary corrections and rectifications have been made, he will prepare and sign a Final audit report that will be forwarded to the ISO registrar.

  • Issue of ISO certification

On satisfaction of the fact that the concerned business organization follows all ISO standards for the production of goods/ provision of services or for management procedures. The registrar may accept the application and grant ISO certification that comes with a unique identification number required to be displayed in the manufactured goods or services.

  • Time Involved for Process Completion

As said before, the process of ISO certification depends from person to person depending upon the number of employees, size of the business or any other criteria. Usually the time involved for each organization is between-

    1. 6-8 months for smaller business entities;
    2. 8-12 months for medium business entities;
    3. 12-15 months for larger businesses.
  • Validity of ISO Certification in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh

Once the applicant successfully receives ISO certification in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, it shall be valid for the total time-period of three years and subject to renewal of the certification from time to time thereafter.

  • advantages of holding an ISO certification for the business in Kanpur, Uttar PradeshWhat are the advantages of holding an ISO certification for the business in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh?

The benefits linked with the ISO certification for a business organization are manifold. Provided below are some of the advantages of obtaining ISO certification-

  • Better Credibility & Goodwill

ISO certification doesn’t hold good within the country only, it is internationally recognized which means, the business organization enjoys global recognition as well as credibility for the standard goods/services/procedures or all of them.

  • Consistency

ISO certification such as ISO 9001 provided for general quality management systems in the business organization which helps in the better control and follow of standard procedures in the business organization. Thus, better control over business assures better quality to the goods or services to the prospective consumers and stakeholders of the business organization.

  • Successful business & Growth

With quality and safety assurance, better and professional management, it becomes easier for the business to earn reputation in the national as well as in the international market and therefore better revenues and higher growth avenues for the businesses.

  • Customer Retention & New Customers

Where standard procedures are used in the production of goods or provision of services or for the management procedures, it becomes easier to establish genuineness of offered products and services. Thus, it will help the business organization to keep hold of the existing customers due to brand loyalty as well as getting new customers in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh.

  • Easy marketing technique

Once the business organization gets ISO certification in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, it can use the unique ISO certification number in its products which will help to gain the attention of customers as well as investors in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh.

  • Motivation for Employees

Having standard ISO procedures in the management of the business organization in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh will definitely act as a source of motivation for employees as it will help in better team organization, better communication between management and staff and more than everything, a systematic flow of work. For instance ISO 9001 provides for the employee training and development standards in the organization, which helps them to enhance their knowledge, adopt professionalism at work and complete their jobs with efficiency.

  • Guaranteed Safety & Quality Assurance

ISO certification is one of the indicator of the fact that the products or goods manufactured by the organization are prepared using standard methods using quality raw materials with responsibility naturally acting as an assurance of quality and safety of products.

  • Standardized business operations

It could be obviously understood that a business entity holding an ISO certification regarding management procedures one or other indicates that the procedures undertaken by the business entity shall be simple as well as standardized for each and every employee of the company and due to which the time involved in completion of tasks will be shorter as well as efficient naturally reducing complications and disagreements among employees.


Therefore, ISO certification is a beneficiary certification system for the business entity in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh as it comes with its whole lot of benefits such as business credibility, national as well as international recognition, growth prospects as well as ensuring a healthy & professional working environment for the business entity. However, the process becomes a little complex in absence of the right guidance and knowledge. Thus, it is always advised to take assistance of some reliable source having years of professional knowledge and experience in undertaking and successful completion of the same.

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