Our 3 Step Simple Process

Step 1

Engagement & Consultation

Step 2

Information Collection & Documentation

Step 3

Filling & Filing of Required Form(s)

Conversion of Companies already registered

A company of any class registered under the Companies Act,2013, may convert itself as a company of other class by alteration of memorandum and articles of the company.

The Registrar of Companies (ROC) shall on an application made by the company, after satisfying himself that the provisions of this Chapter applicable for registration of companies have been complied with, close the former registration of the company and after registering the documents as filed with him,, issue a fresh certificate of incorporation.

The conversion of a company under section 18 shall not affect any debts, liabilities, obligations or contracts incurred or entered into, by or on behalf of the company before conversion and such debts, liabilities, obligations and contracts may be enforced in the manner as if such registration had not been done.

Documents required:

  • Minutes of the member’s meeting where approval was given for conversion and alteration of the Articles of Association.
  • Copy of Special Resolution as passed at the General Meeting
  • Copy of Draft Articles of Association (as to be altered);
  • Copy of Altered Memorandum of Association (as to be altered);
  • List of Members present at the Meeting

What all you get

Standard Package


all inclusive fees

  • Conversion of Private Limited Company to Public Company
  • Drafting of new Moa and AoA
  • Incorporation Certificate (Digital)
  • *Filing fees not included
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Premium Package


all inclusive fees

  • Conversion of Private Limited Company to Public Company
  • Drafting of new Moa and AoA
  • Incorporation Certificate (Digital)
  • Fresh PAN
  • Fresh TAN/TDS
  • Fresh GST
  • 1 yr Annual Compliance Package (Premium)
  • *Filing fees not included
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Steps for Conversion of Private Company to Public Company

  • 1

    Step 1

    • Basic Consultancy on Conversion process

    • Collection of necessary information and documents

  • 2

    Step 2

    • Notice for Board Meeting as per Companies Act, 2013 read with SS-1

    • Hold meeting of the Board of Directors of the Company and pass necessary resolutions

    • Draft Notice with explanatory Statement for General Meeting and duly send to all Directors, Members, Auditors of Company, Secretarial Auditor, if any, Debenture Trustees. if any, and to others who are entitled to receive the notice of the General Meeting

  • 3

    Step 3

    • Hold meeting of the shareholders and pass Special Resolution(s) for such conversion

    • Uploading of  E-Form MGT-14 with required attachments

    • Uploading of E-form INC 27 with required attachments

    • Confirmation Email from ROC

    • Fresh Certificate of Incorporation

    • Updation of Company Master Data

  • 4

    Step 4

    • Increase number of Directors to minimum 3, if present strength of Board less than 3

    • Increase number of members to minimum 7 if members are less than 7