Our 3 Step Simple Process

Engagement & Consultation

Information Collection & Documentation

Filing and Closure

Why should you file Income Tax Return

Makes you a compliant citizen

Avoid notices from IT department and Claim refunds

Document proof for creditworthiness

Avail tax benefits on past losses

Avoid penalties & late fees and easy availability of bank loans

Carry forward of losses ,Obtaining Government tenders/approvals and Visa Processing

Documents Required for Income Tax Filing

  • Capital Account of Partners for Firm & LLP
  • PAN & Balances with Remuneration & Interest details of Partners
  • PL & BS of the Business & Profession
  • PAN & Password with date of Birth
  • Aadhaar Card Number
  • Mobile Number and E-Mail ID
  • Declaration for holding no Foreign Assets or accounts (if holding give details as follows: Account held with, address with zip code, account opening date, first holder, Peak Balance, Interest earned, TDS if any & DTAA clause under which it falls
  • All Income Details
  • All Bank Accounts with IFSC & Account Numbers (Specify one bank for refund)
  • Capital Gains details (Long Term & Short Term with Workings)
  • GrandFathering for LTCG should be charged separately
  • House Property Details (Whether let out or self occupied, Housing Loan details if any)
  • Municipal Corporation Taxes paid, Dividend Income details, All exempt income details
  • All Income from other sources break up required,Directorship in unlisted Companies with Company PAN & DIN
  • Shares held in Unlisted Companies (opening quantities & value + Purchase during the year - Sold during the year & closing balances), Asset & Liabilities details required

What all you get

Standard Package


all inclusive fees

  • Income Tax Return Preparation
  • Income Tax Return Filing
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Premium Package


all inclusive fees

  • Income Tax Return Preparation
  • Income Tax Return Filing
  • Income Tax Planning
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Steps are as below:

  • 1

    Step - 1

    ·       Basic consultation on Sources of Income


  • 2

    Step - 2

       ·      Enagagement and collectio of necessary Information and documents

  • 3

    Step - 3

       ·      Preparation of ITR and Filing