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The culture of entrepreneurship in India dates back to 2356 BC when there was some trade with Meluha. This was the name of the Indus Valley. The Harappan people had commercial relations in Rajasthan with Afghanistan and Iran. They had established a market in northern Afghanistan. It’s ancient. India in the last decade has witnessed a new breed of entrepreneurs who have taken this space by storm and are challenging the landscape to write unprecedented success stories and create roadmaps for aspiring entrepreneurs. As glamorous as it may sound, the fact is - Entrepreneurship is a tough road to travel. The idea of “SeedUp” found its inspiration when few like-minded friends realised this and came together to ease & simplify the journey of Start-Up entrepreneurs.


We asked some Entrepreneurs, on what they are missing when it comes to Accounting, Compliances, Taxation, and received the following feedback:

  1. Not aware of the compliances to be done after a Company is formed
  2. Keeping an accounts team is expensive
  3. Getting a good back office team is difficult
  4. The compliance of IT, GST and Cos Act are cumbersome
  5. Oh we did not know that taking an MSME registration gives me so many benefits
  6. As an LLP I do not have to get my accounts audited upto a turnover of 40 Lakhs? Why did I not know this!!!

We have made it our mission to resolve these for you.


Our mission is to become the unsung partners of budding entrepreneurs and help them set up and grow their business with the same passion & effort as if it is our own. With our plethora of services and their execution, we aim to reimagine & redefine the entrepreneurship ecosystem and make it easy, simple and effective for the aspiring entrepreneurs to start their journey, aim for loftier goals and reach their destination.


As the name suggests, we have embarked on a journey, to meet and assist entrepreneurs with dreams and bringing them to fruition i.e. stage one (aka seed stage). At this stage, they need guidance, idea, as to type of entity and capital assessment and funding to kick-start and thereafter proper hand-holding to take care of regulatory, legal and statutory compliances, as the business grows stronger.

SeedUp has set up a cloud-hosted, business services platform with an objective to help entrepreneurs to start and then grow their business, at an affordable cost. We aspire to help the entrepreneurs to meet their end to end requirements, be a partner throughout their business journey, offering support at every stage to ensure that the business remains compliant and continually growing. Our aim is to provide single-click access to entrepreneurs for all their business needs. SeedUp partners with a network of experienced Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, Cost Accountants, Lawyers, Investment Bankers, Ex-Bankers and Financial Experts across India to provide a comprehensive range of services for small and medium sized enterprises.