Our Three Step Simple Process

Get your legal agreement reviewed and executed in three simple steps

Engagement & Consultation

Review & Management Discussion

Finalisation & Execution

Benefits of getting the Legal Agreements reviewed independently

As the agreements are drafted by the Investor, the review helps the entrepreneur to understand the significance of each clause properly

All agreements are finalised after umpteen rounds of negotiation. Hence it is important that the entrepreneur knows the significant points and then negotiates on them

It is important for the Entrepreneur to understand what all he is giving away, and where all he needs to say no.

There are many covenants to the agreement. The Investee company needs to understand them properly to ensure that they are followed and adhered to.

A deeper understanding of the clauses helps when the Company goes for a fresh round of fundraising. He knows - what all he can offer to the new Investor.

Minimum Requirement to avail the Legal Agreements work

  • The Due Diligence is complete and the investor has indicated his intention to proceed on the opportunity
  • The Term Sheet has been signed & executed
  • The Investor has informed the entrepreneur about his legal advisor on way forward
  • Draft Agreement is received / likely to be received from the Investor shortly

What all you get

Standard Package

Price on Request

all inclusive fees

  • Review & Execution of Legal Agreements
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Premium Package

Price on Request

all inclusive fees

  • Review & Execution of Legal Agreements
  • Suggestions/ Incorporation of clauses which are in favour of the entrepreneur / Investee company
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About 4 weeks of continuous engagement with lawyers on both sides - to review Draft Agreement(s). Some critical points to be decided by the Investor and Entrepreneur towards the end before signing the Agreement(s). Steps are as below:

  • 1

    Step 1

    ·         Detailed introductory discussion with the entrepreneur about the business, the stage of fundraising.


  • 2

    Step 2

    ·         Information Checklist to be sent to entrepreneur – requesting critical information / documents till that stage – like Term Sheet, etc.

    ·         Entrepreneur to arrange for the information / documents as per the Checklist


  • 3

    Step 3

    ·         SeedUp team to review each clauses of the agreement(s) and other associated information / documents critically

    ·         Explanatory note on meaning of key terms and their significance in the Agreement(s)

    ·         Interaction with the entrepreneur, and understanding his/ her needs

  • 4

    Step 4

    ·         Subsequent round of discussions with the investor lawyer and his team

    ·         Continuous advisory to entrepreneur on how to negotiate with the Investor on critical matters.

  • 5

    Step 5

    ·         Final negotiation, finalisation & execution of all agreements with the Investor